Raise your construction documentation to a new level!

Wonderfully simple.
Extraordinarily efficient.

Record daily progress directly in the model or digital plan. The Sitelife construction report provides you with premium support.

Information can be entered faster and more accurately than with conventional construction reports. What’s more, other data such as the weather and personnel are also recorded, including photo documentation and stage direction services.


Full overview.
At any time from everywhere.

The Sitelife construction report gives you a perfect overview of the status of your construction project at all times.

As a decision-maker, you can benefit from the progress data and optimise the cooperation between the various trades on the construction site.

As a building owner you are always well informed about the status of your project, even without time-consuming daily site visits.


Simple workflow, great added value.

Our construction report provides you with the basis for the complete utilisation of data from your BIM construction site.
The optimal basis for invoicing and project management.



Immediate digitalisation: Component-specific data and actions are entered quickly and easily directly on the construction site and updated daily.



The data available in Sitelife can be exported in various ways, directly to Revit or into all common formats such as Excel, CSV or JSON.



Benefit from the detailed logging of your construction process with Sitelife. With our data, your Building Information Model is extended with construction progress data.

Our digital construction logbook is the perfect complement for your projects.

The versatile configuration options make it possible to use the Sitelife construction report in any environment:

  • Accesses for subcontractors and construction supervision can be created and adapted.
  • Choose between different entry styles for personnel expenses, equipment and weather observations.
  • Simply upgrade your existing construction report to a more up-to-date building model as soon as available.
  • Customise the displayed component parameters to suit your model.
Mehrwert von BIM direkt auf der Baustelle.

Added value thanks to BIM directly on the construction site.

Benefit from the information provided by your building model during all execution stages of your project.

Dimensions & quantities quickly available

Make decisions based on simple model dimensions and automatically calculated masses.

Avoid costly errors

Identify possible discrepancies between model and design at an early stage and avoid them.

Our features

The Sitelife construction report can offer more than conventional solutions and is very versatile. The application was designed in close cooperation with our customers and developed with a focus on usability and data diversity.

BIM & 3D Model

Keep record of your activities directly on the 3D model and access its helpful data.

2D plan

Work with familiar 2D views and keep record your progress directly on the plan.

Trades & roles

Define different roles and trades for subcontractors, allowing customised access and views.

Daily information

Personnel on site, weather conditions, equipment and other model-independent information can be entered directly, quickly and easily.


Attach photo documentation to your daily report and link the images to existing components.

Director's services

Integrate your service specifications and benefit from the predefined selection of positions.


Filter your model using freely definable parameters and values. Filters can be saved and shared with other users.

PDF reports

Print your daily progress reports as PDF and freely customise all parts of the reports.

Data export

Export your generated data in common formats (Excel, CSV, JSON) for further use in external applications.

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